“Woman with Machete” by Shannon Cartier Lucy

Shannon Cartier Lucy’s first LA solo exhibition, “Woman with Machete, is meant to convey the in-between spaces and moments of life, they stand out in the boldness of their critique of the absurd, showcasing their own hyperawareness. The exhibit reflects the work of an experienced artist who takes the viewer on her artistic journey, from which a discerning narrative emerges, one that mirrors a very human experience – the rise and fall of relationships, recovery and reflection in drug addiction and a return to “home.”

In “Woman with Machete,” Lucy often includes herself painted in eerily familiar snapshots of the subconscious. The images she creates are strange, violent, and unsettling, but at the same time inviting and beautiful. Descriptions come easily at first glance; a tulip on a finger, dinnertime, woman under the sink, woman with machete. However, a deeper look points to a timeless, universal, and indefinable truth that is perhaps more real than what we take for granted as such.

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