On a Roll: One Stop Away’s Turkey Photo Diary

For the launch of mission-driven consultancy, One Stop Away, no other destination was more fitting than Turkey. For this particular project, our focus was to change the narrative on modern, yet sustainable travel.

With some of the most diverse landscapes – from hot air ballooning into the sunrise of the Cappadocian valley, visiting rich and historic architectural sites, shopping in the grand bazaar – Turkey has a bustling and infectious energy you’ll never forget.

We brought together a group of women with strong voices and unique perspectives on gender empowerment, equality and representation. Our custom itinerary featured some of the likes from locally owned businesses, intimate cooking classes, rug-making techniques, artisanal wine tastings, and of course – the most iconic Anthony Bourdain-approved doner spots.

“There’s a severe lack of representation in the travel industry, and we hope to inspire women of color to travel confidently. As the number of women traveling solo increases, OSA’s partnership with Intrepid Travel was to ensure nuanced point of views of places less traveled are available and attainable to women of all backgrounds.” – Amrit and Anaa, Co-founders of One Stop Away

While crossing off bucket-list experiences, we created lifelong memories. See Hannah Sider’s photo diary below:

Wildlife spotting on our Cappadocia Hike

Learning the Turkish carpet traditions with Ruth Lockwood, owner of Tribal Collection Carpets in Cappadocia

Enjoying our daily dose of fresh hummus and mezze spreads

Sightseeing at the Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

Surrounded by Nazar, the Turkish evil eye. Fun fact from our tour leader, Isil – that the amulets only protect you if they are painted on glass!

Coffee Cup readings with Nuray, a local Cappadocian woman

Sights through Goreme National Park

Half of Hannah Sider and a mini Jess Tran

Post hike fresh OJ

Girl gang: (L to R) Jess, Simran, Hannah & Alyssa

Life mantra, featuring Hannah’s palm

Deflated hot air balloon, post landing

Up in the sky (L to R) Levina, Marjon, Anaa, Amrit, Alyssa, Noor & Simran

Sunsets in the city, Istanbul

Alyssa in the fields, Cappadocia Valley

Ruth’s studio, listening to her process on working with the women in the villages and rug sourcing

Nuray teaching Anaa the art of Turkish coffee

Marjon & Amrit

Dreamy Istanbul

Hot air ballooning sights

Working with the women of Small Projects Istanbul, a female community center for displaced Syrian refugees

OSA maintains a strict “Permission Only” policy, with all subjects verbally agreeing to participating – ensuring the children and locals are not culturally appropriated or used as a backdrop.

One Stop Away (Co-founders) Amrit & Anaa

More rugs, more life

Goreme National Park, Cappadocia

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