Check In: Ignacia Guest House, Mexico City

Certain places hold their history close. There are chic and carefully curated hotels holding court in every corner of the world, but there is something refreshingly rare and near reverential about a space whose history can be felt in its bones, a space that allows the elegance of tradition to blur dreamily with modern day design, inviting you to understand something larger about the location itself.

Ignacia Guest House, a boutique bed and breakfast in the heart of the Colonia Roma district in Mexico City, is one such place, a lush and light-filled hidden gem that feels perpetually in conversation with its past, humming with a cozy charm and vibrant character that adds a layer of authenticity to the aesthetically inclined space.

Originally a private mansion constructed in 1913, the internationally acclaimed 2017 restoration of the historic space transformed it into a stunning five suite bed and breakfast, named after the esteemed housekeeper, Ignacia, who presided over the casona for more than 70 years. Mexico City, with its intense heat, buzzing sprawl, and marriage of old meets new, is a multifaceted city – hard-edged and chaotic, with endless colorful streets to wander and endless creativity running through its veins. There is nowhere quite like it, and you get the feeling you will never fully be able to soak it all up. Last year, director Alfonso Cuaron’s black and white ode to his incomparable hometown of Colonia Roma tugged on heart strings the whole world over, with the Ignacia Guest House standing just a few blocks from the house where Roma was filmed.

At its core, the Ignacia Guest House is an unwavering testament to the beauty of balance: the past dancing in perfect harmony with the present, the original architecture rounded out by delicate touches of modern minimalism, the meeting point where rich tradition electrifies creative innovation. The property’s restoration celebrates its beloved housekeeper’s personality and background, from the chromatic color palette to the serene sense of privacy that pervades each suite, while also reinvigorating the original architecture with a newfound sense of liveliness and luxury.

The decadent master suite, La Habitación Negra, flows effortlessly into the common spaces, which include a library, dining room, and kitchen, all masterfully restored in a way that preserves the communal warmth and approachable elegance of the original layout. The four additional suites, La Azul, La Verde, La Rosa, and La Amarilla, are vertically arranged on top of one another so as to evoke a sense of solitude, each artfully opening onto the central courtyard, an exuberant oasis that recreates a typical Mexican southeastern garden, ideal for slipping away to read and sip coffee (or mezcal, if the mood strikes). The orange trees that dot the property, fuming fragrant waves of citrus, are the same ones that Ignacia first planted many years ago.

This idea of organic harmony is fully felt throughout the entire property, from the steel and glass walkway overlooking the courtyard that casts a brilliant glow on the garden below, shimmering and shape-shifting in tandem with the movements of the sun, to the artisan Mexican pottery that adds colorful texture to the marble-hued minimalism of the luxury suites.

Mexico City has a bit of a reputation as an easy place to get lost, but the Ignacia Guest House offers the perfect remedy, a soft and soothing landing spot somewhere between home and hotel. It is a space in which to find yourself and center yourself, to emerge rested and revitalized with a deeper appreciation for the bones of the past and a deeper sense of gratitude for the present moment. After all, isn’t balance what life is all about?

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