Velvet Canyon’s “La Femme” Is a Lush Love Letter to the Irresistible Mystery of Femininity

We’re thrilled to present “La Femme,” a short film brought to life by our friends over at Velvet Canyon, whose chic sunglasses collection seamlessly merges iconic design with a peachy color palette to create the perfect accessory to adorn the summer look of your dreams. Shot in the south of France and starring Maelys Garouis and Charles Crehange as star-crossed, heat-scorched lovers, this sun-soaked short embodies both the Velvet Canyon aesthetic and the raw visual impact of French new wave cinema, landing in the sweet spot between Bardot and Godard.

Directed by photographer and Velvet Canyon co-founder Ali Mitton from a script written by her husband Bryan Whalen, and produced by our in-house agency, pepper, “La Femme” is a lush and evocative love letter to the 1960’s and the irresistible mystery of femininity, seducing your senses with vibrant color and an intoxicating energy, harnessing the carefree energy and effortless glamour of the brand itself. Immerse yourself in the sumptuous short film below, along with plenty of behind the scenes footage from this wanderlust-inducing shoot.

The woman. The French countryside. The golden light of late summer. Dry grass and dusty fruit trees and the fuming exhale of afternoon heat. A classic countryside chateau, crisp laundry swaying from an open window. The woman. Chlorine and cigarette smoke. Droplets of pool water clinging to bare skin. She wears nothing but sunglasses, cat-eyed and champagne-hued.

Desire like the last drag of a shared cigarette, like eye contact held a moment too long, like the steaming hiss of hot concrete. A yellow towel falling to the ground. A lemon squeezed into water. The handsome, olive-skinned pool boy squinting up at her as if she is the sun. All men are the same, the woman thinks. Desire makes you dizzy as heatstroke. Heat that makes you feel like you’re dreaming.

The way she moves: like molten honey, like liquid gold, like a whispered secret. He asks her to run away with him, not realizing she is always two steps ahead. There are certain hazy summer afternoons where anything is possible. She can almost feel the wind whistling through her hair, the open road unfolding in front of her like a shimmering mirage. Nowhere to go but everywhere. There are certain women who can get away with anything. The woman. The whole world is ripe as a peach for the woman who belongs only to herself.

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