“Little Dreamer” by Sarah Holt

Lately, you find yourself dreaming in colors so vivid it’s almost as if you are seeing them for the first time, as if your senses are finally stirring again after a long hibernation. You close your eyes and see swaths of turmeric yellow, glossy folds of pink satin, sunsets lashed with tangerine and blushing crimson, mouths stained cherry red like you ate too many popsicles. Lately, you feel raw like a struck nerve, like you are outgrowing yourself, like you’ve finally stopped trying to be one thing and just let yourself be everything.

Lately, you find yourself inexplicably drawn to bold colors and blurred lines, the way certain shades of turquoise make your heart sing, the way warm wind can flutter through you and make you remember a feeling long forgotten. The way messiness can be loud and brave and beautiful, the way getting dirty can sometimes be a baptism. There is nothing quite as human or as holy as embracing the imperfect.

This striking editorial from photographer Sarah Holt, featuring the iridescent Hana Altomonte, reminds us of the joyful freedom of letting yourself get a little rough around the edges. There’s something about this in-between season that turns us dreamy and playful and carefree, makes us want to swipe on slashes of shimmering eye shadow and smudge our lipstick with our fingers and call it a day. There’s something about this editorial that makes us want to throw out the subtlety we’ve been carefully cultivating and instead paint our faces with the rainbow of colors we see when we close our eyes.

These shapeshifting statement looks, paired with Altomonte’s effortless and enviable nonchalance, call to mind those warm nights where you’re rushing out the door, late for a party or a dinner, and you catch a glimpse of yourself in a car window – make up already smudged, hair stubbornly disheveled – and realize you look the most like yourself you’ve ever looked, and suddenly you’re gripped with a love for yourself that feels overwhelming and untamable, even the imperfect parts, especially the imperfect parts.

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