“Goddess Era” by Damian Borja

Women are, and have always been, a force of nature. Their strength feels rooted in the elements, instinctive and unyielding, a sharp and glittering diamond deep within, forged through years of heat and pressure. Their beauty feels plucked from the natural world, ethereal and atmospheric and primal in its power, leaving you as awestruck as a summer sunset, the kind the sets the sky ablaze, drenched in gauzy golden light.

Gold bodysuit: Bizarre Fetish Couture, Earrings: Leciel Designs, Facepiece: Laura Estrada

When we refer to women as queens or goddesses, what we mean is that they are an electric bolt of lighting illuminating a pitch-black night sky. They are the sun, radiating warmth and light, glowing with a relentlessness that makes others shield their eyes. They are resilient shape-shifters, able to grow and thrive in the most unlikely of environments. They are desire embodied, rose-tinted and brimming with a sensuality as mysterious and magnetic as nature itself, as soft and new as flower petals, as ancient and strong as mountains.

Embellished dress: Garimon Roferos, Ring: Leciel Designs

Everything LA-based photographer Damian Borja touches is golden, and his latest editorial, shot exclusively for Live FAST, is certainly no exception. A vision in his signature sheen of gauzy lighting and sultry soft washes of color, model Aslayy Baugh is seemingly lit from within, her otherworldly beauty multi-faceted, paying homage to the past and looking forward towards the future.

“Goddess Era” brings to life Borja’s stunning vision of women – their luminous glow, their voluptuous energy, their inherent, instinctual strength – via four goddesses who represent four different elements, all of which weave together beauty and power and nature and nurture: the Queen of the Sun, the Queen of Venus, the Queen of Gold, and the Queen of the Light. What emerges is a breathtaking editorial that both serves looks and showcases the divine power of womanhood in all its glittering glory. All hail the queen(s).

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Two piece set: Diana Couture, Headpiece: Laura Estrada, Earrings: Leciel Designs, Heels: Vintage

Gold dress: Usama Ishtay, Headpiece: Laura Estrada, Ring: Leciel Designs

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