On a Roll: “Rome” by Megan Jordan

There’s just something about spring that makes you feel fuzzy around the edges. The days are longer, the nights are warmer, the city sidewalks are blushing with flowers – it’s easier than ever to let your mind drift towards daydreams of distant places. When it comes to wanderlust, no siren song comes through as loud and clear as Italy: salty soaks in the shimmering turquoise of the Mediterranean, ancient history seeping from sun-faded architecture, laundry lines shivering in the warm breeze, long late dinners al fresco, laughing between bites of pasta and gulps of red wine, strolling home in the silvery glow of the shamelessly full moon. Il dolce far niente: the sweetness of doing nothing.

This photo diary from London based photographer Megan Jordan documents an Italian city famous for shapeshifting, one that needs no introduction and means something different to everyone who encounters it. Rome is a bustling modern metropolis in perpetual conversation with its ancient roots, a startling juxtaposition mirrored back to us through these images, the detachment and similarities between the past and present underscored with a quiet eye for shadow, movement, and emotion.

A far cry from the expected tourist travel shots, these stark images capture the nuanced texture and fabric of the city’s identity and inhabitants, all woven together beneath the long black shadows of the relentless midday sun. A city like Rome feels right blanketed in black and white, imbued with sizzling pops of rust red and burnt sienna. Intimately felt and brisk with movement, this series catches the extraordinary ordinariness of city perpetually caught somewhere between the past and the present. Striking you like a flash of memory, fuzzy and faded around the edges, there’s a heartbeat to this photo diary that feels both fresh and familiar at the same time.

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