4/20 Glaze It: Sackville & Co x Maye Ceramic Flower Bongs

We’re all about elevated (in all senses of the word) interior design, which is why we’ve found ourselves head over heels for the latest drop from chic cannabis connoisseurs Sackville & Co.: a limited edition line of handcrafted terracotta bongs that double as flower vases when not in use.

A far cry from the sticker-adorned glass monstrosity that your college boyfriend tried to convince his mom was a vase, these one of a kind clay pieces have an architectural shape and a raw and rustic feel, elevating your mantle game as well as your weed smoking experience. With a clear piece that blends easily into minimalist decor, these artisanal vessels are as subtle as you want them to be, reminding us that just because an object is functional doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be beautiful.

Created as part of Sackville & Co’s female-focused and design-forward “Artist Series,” the collaboration consists of three earthenware designs, all handmade by ceramicist Maye Lopez in her studio in Mexico. She was inspired by the desire to create artful and aesthetic vessels that make the visual aspect of cannabis consumption look more like the delicate, creative, and ritualistic experience that it is for many people, and give a higher (pun intended) value to the plant itself.

If imagining these eclectic and earthy ceramics in your living room has you reconsidering the vow you made to never go near a bong again (just me?), let me direct you to Sackville & Co’s website, where they sell them alongside pre-rolls, crystal pipes, and brushed gold grinders, all designed to look as good as cannabis makes you feel. Happy holidaze!

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