Angie Bauer’s Short Film “AUTRE PART” Fulfills Our French-Inspired Fantasies

You know those nights when the moon looms so large and bright outside your window that it feels impossible to sleep? Those lovely, lonely nights where you open all the windows and float around your apartment in nothing but soft silk and embroidered lace and lipstick, sipping red wine and listening to French music and dreaming about all the lives you have yet to lead, all the places you have yet to see, all the threads you’re itching to unravel. Alone and full as the moon, your bare skin buzzing with the breathlessness of desire.

Those in-between nights that seem to unfold forever, your fantasies blurring with reality, close enough to reach out and touch. You remember these nights in vivid flashes: the song that pulses in your chest like a second heartbeat, the slinky silhouette of your favorite black bodysuit, the click of your front door as you step out into the crisp night. Maybe you’re dreaming of a place, maybe you’re dreaming of a lover, maybe it doesn’t matter because on nights like these, sleepless beneath a star spackled sky, wanderlust coursing through your veins, the whole world feels like a whispered secret that only you can hear.

“AUTRE PART,” (“Elsewhere” in French) is a short fashion film made by Angie Bauer, our new favorite LA based lingerie line, which perfectly embodies the dreamy decadence of the nights you spend disappearing deep into your own fantasies. Featuring the starry-eyed Tarryn Lagana modeling their collection of delicate yet detailed lingerie and sheer bodysuits that seamlessly transition from intimates to outerwear, the film follows a night in the life of a woman in modern day Los Angeles lusting after the chic romance of French culture.

A cheeky nod to the fragmented moodiness of 1960’s French new wave cinema, the film builds slowly as we witness the way her fantasy grows and expands, altering the world around her, her desire turning everything soft-edged and shimmering. She lounges around her apartment, alone but not lonely, before setting off into the inky Los Angeles night, criss-crossing bike paths and liquor store parking lots and watching the hazy sunrise  from a hilltop between bites of a baguette.

It’s a playful love letter to sleepless nights and the sweet solitude of self love, but also to the way that our fantasies can transform our surroundings and change the landscape of who we are. Sometimes “elsewhere” is right in front of us. Sometimes escaping just feels like coming home to ourselves.

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