Five Art Basel-Featured Women Artists You Need To Collect In 2019

During the first week of December every year, the art world descends upon South Beach for Art Basel Miami Beach. In its 16th year the international art fair has grown to bring dozens of satellite fairs to Miami during the same week. Artists, art dealers, gallerists, art enthusiasts and party-goes flock to the balmy 305 to participate in the festivities.

This year, in between the beachfront soirees, around-the-clock champagne, and getting back to our beds at sunrise, we made more than enough time to spend a few afternoons meandering through Art Basel itself as well as a few other fairs. We picked our favorite female artists that you should keep on your radar.

Issy Wood

Instagram: #issywood

Issy Wood’s art is sexy without outwardly being sex. Born in North Carolina, Wood now resides in London, U.K. The painter and writer’s work challenges boundaries -object from artwork, private versus public, feeling or fact – which makes perfect sense as there’s little information about her and much more to read about her work.

“Zone” was on display at Art Basel the Carlos/Ishikawa booth.

Betty Tompkins

Instagram: @bettytompkinsart

Feminist artist Betty Tompkins was once blacklisted by radical feminist artist due to her explicit depiction of sexuality. (Tight.) Her work primarily revolves around photorealistic paintings and illustrations of hetero and homosexual intimacy. There’s a lot of genitalia.

“The Only” was on display at Art Basel in the PPOW booth.

Erin M. Riley 

Instagram: @erinmriley

Textile artist Erin Riley instantly fell in love with sewing in her first Home Economics class. She even set the class record for threading the machine. Now, she turns experiences we’re all having into colossal tapestries whether it’s cutting yourself shaving pre-date or period stains.

“The Pill” was on display at Art Basel in the PPOW booth.

Nina Chanel 

Instagram: @ninachanel

New York-based, Chicago-born artist, Nina Chanel, is known for addressing heavier topics likes politics, race and gender with bold bright colors for a fresh way of viewing loaded topics. She has called her own work “easy to swallow, hard to digest.”

“Q&A” was on display at Art Basel in the Jack Shainman Gallery booth.

Monica Garza

Instagram: @monicakimgarza

Atlanta-based artist Monica Garza took hiatus from art and ATL for a little while, trying school at Syracuse University, leaving SU to travel to Kenya, finishing school in San Fransisco, living in Brooklyn for a little bit and continually traveling around the world to places like Peru and Morocco. When returning to art, one thing remained the same for her: the characters in her artwork are in her likeness – self loving, thick, brown women -and informed by her travels.

Her work was displayed at Untitled Art Fair in the The New Image Art gallery booth.

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