Hotel Tour: Punta Caliza, the Hottest Spot on Isla Holbox

Years ago when I started doing interviews, I would always ask my subjects one specific question: where is the greatest place you have ever woken up? To me, this question taps into a space between dreaming and the day. It’s a hazy place where you are in wonder of where life takes you, a place where the rest of reality hasn’t yet crept in to change the view. Punta Caliza, a boutique hotel on Isla Holbox in Mexico, feels like you never left that first moment between asleep and awake. It’s ethereal and often unreal – the melding of land and sea, the mixing of senses.

The property is family-owned and designed to invite you in, making you feel a part of the magic they’ve created and the fierce love they share for the island. Brought to life by a Mexican architect and his artist wife, who brought their family to the island in 2012 from Guadalajara, searching for a place to build a small hotel where they could meet travelers, settle down, and build something together. Punta Caliza was built from acres of red cedar planted by the architect when his firstborn son was born 26 years ago (he now runs the hotel with his sister). Every sun-drenched inch of Punta Caliza is made of love and hard work. The heart of the hotel is the pool: the entire structure focuses around its lazy wandering isles, snaking throughout the property, lapping the edges of every room. Like you’re on an island within an island.

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