Design Crush: BoutiqueHomes’ Chic and Serene Monocabin Is a Minimalist Dream

When wanderlust strikes, and we feel that restless ache in our bones calling us to get lost in some secret corner of the world, we find ourselves turning to BoutiqueHomes, whose curated collection of dreamy rental homes and vacation properties around the globe never fails to ignite our imagination and inspire our next getaway. Meticulously helmed by Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler, an iconic couple that epitomizes an adventurous lifestyle that is both chic and nomadic, BoutiqueHomes is a discovery engine for the unique and extraordinary, corralling timeless abodes around the world that exude character and evoke experience, homes that become the destination in and of themselves.

They are constantly on the hunt for architectural gems that sparkle with innovation and irrepressible creativity, that seamlessly marry design with function, transforming a space into a livable work of art. And while their offerings range in size, they all feature a certain invigorating je ne sais quoi, a reminder of the impact that our surroundings have on our daily lives, the way a well-designed space can soothe our spirits and enhance our minds. BoutiqueHomes’ latest addition, the Rhodes Monocabin, further emphasizes this idea: a miniature home in Ialysos on the Greek island of Rhodes, the Monocabin is a strikingly minimalist modular cabin created by the Milanese design studio Mandalaki.

Clocking in at around 280 square feet and meant to house up to three people, this serene and sun-soaked vacation home is a minimal Mediterranean dream, all stark white walls, cozy nooks, and well-placed pops of vibrant color. Designed to blend organically with the natural world around it, the Monocabin is an affordable yet architectural tour de force of tiny proportions, anchoring every inch of its space around the ideas of mindfulness and essentiality. Every detail serves a purpose, every design choice was thoughtfully considered: the light-filled bedroom flows easily into the luxurious bathroom and open kitchen, culminating in a spacious and shady outdoor living area that feels fresh and inviting, promoting both fitness and relaxation.

BoutiqueHomes, who describes the cabin’s floor plan as having the effect of “a very grown up full scale Lego set,” has taken care that the Monocabin’s complex yet cozy layout adds warmth and depth to the small space, ensuring that you have everything you could possibly need, reminding us that less often gives us so much more. From the artful and responsive technology throughout the space to special touches like a work out area and outdoor shower, this swoon-worthy space has us wanting to strip down our chaotic lives and stay for awhile.

The best part? Plans are underfoot to bring a Monocabin into your very own backyard. Mandalaki and BoutiqueHomes have decided to make this prefab cabin available to the global market, which means you can install your own sweet sanctuary on that remote patch of land you’ve been eyeing, or set one up in your backyard as a guest house, artist studio, or office space. In the spirit of design that stirs the soul, each Monocabin is made to order and optimized for the location in which it will be installed, ensuring that it will seamlessly adapt to any environment, climate, or terrain, no matter how off the grid you get. The Monocabin is revolutionizing the idea of a vacation rental by wringing it dry of unnecessary excess, allowing you to put down roots no matter your next destination and reminding us that life, like design, is sweetest when it’s simple.

Book your stay in the Rhodes Monocabin here, and learn more about installing your own here.

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