Selfie Made: Pepper, Shopify and THINX Celebrate Our LA Muses in Business

We know a little something about being constantly on the grind. Running a business requires a truly skillful balancing of mind, body, and brand, and we are all empowered when we take the time to listen to and learn from the mentors and muses that surround us. This past Saturday, we did just that, with an inspiring full day event celebrating our muses in business and Los Angeles’ vast community of dynamic female entrepreneurs, delving deep into the multi-faceted landscape of what it means to be a woman in business in our current digital climate, touching on wellness and self care, social media and branding, and how to successfully navigate the twists and turns of a self-made career path.

Curated by our in-house creative studio pepper in collaboration with commerce champion and point-of-sale products innovator Shopify, we devised a one of a kind meeting of the minds that was equal parts business and pleasure. Held at Shopify’s stunning and artfully designed new community space at ROW DTLA, we enlisted co-conspirators like the innovative and stigma-shattering team behind everyone’s favorite undies, THINX, to gather and spotlight the LA muses who inspire us endlessly with their vision, passion, and never-ending hustle.

We started the day off right with a wellness breakfast spread featuring ceremonial grade matcha potions concocted on-site by Nitsa Citrine of Sun Potion, and the most delicious Acai bowls from Amazebowls, because we’re firm believers that success starts from the inside out. This segued perfectly into our first discussion panel, “Mind, Body, and Brand,” a conversation about how to prioritize wellness on your path to success led by moderator Erica Chidi Cohen, a doula, author, and the co-founder/CEO of reproductive community hub LOOM. Featuring thought-provoking insights from health blogger Lee Tilghman, vlogger and mental health advocate Alexa Losey, Sun Potion founder Nitsa Citrine, makeup artist and self-proclaimed “lightweight activist” Matisse Andrews, and skincare guru Adina Diaz, all of whom have made wellness an essential and empowering aspect of their business, the conversation got deep about what wellness means in theory and in practice, the importance of nurturing a healthy work/life balance, and how prioritizing mental health and self care fuels confidence and motivation.

Armed with a plethora of new ways to up our self care game, we took a break for a nourishing lunch with Sweetfin and some networking before getting down to business with our second discussion panel of the day, titled “Selfie Made” and led by moderator Zarna Surti, the founder of WOC championing Tonal Journal and an expert at authentic storytelling. The panel featured jewelry designer Stella Simona, ceramicist Desanka Fasiska, printing press owner/typography artist Nicole Katz, and photographer-turned-eyewear brand owner Ali Mitton, who candidly covered everything from sliding into DM’s to DTC marketing, building a brand voice without losing your own, and how to stay authentic in a world full of sponsored Instagram ads. Offering relatable advice and empowering personal experiences from an eclectic variety of entrepreneurs and tastemakers, the conversation maneuvered the ins and outs growing a business in the age of social media, touching on everything from tools of the trade (Shopify, what would we do without you?), to best practices for incentivizing engagement, to why you should always let your passion guide your platform.

Afterwards, we kicked up the tunes with a DJ set by Madeline O’Moore of PET, poured Libre Tequila into our Dirty Lemon and Better Booch for a little detox to retox vibe (don’t worry, we kept plenty of FLOW Alkaline Spring Water and KOR Shots on hand because we’re all about a healthy balance), and perused some amazing products by local businesses powered by Shopify (big thanks to Valas Los Angeles, TONAL Journal, Natural Feeling Spa, Noto Botanics, Richer Poorer, Pointe Studio, Lykke Wullf, Marie Turnor, Velvet Canyon, Wolf Circus, Palo Santo Studios, Haati Chai, Lux Eros and Paper Chase Press for tempting us into spending our hard earned monies on your beautifully crafted goods).

Still buzzing from a dreamy day of celebrating our inspiring community of women-led businesses, we set our guests up for success by sending them home with wellness focused goodies from our friends and favorite brands like Beboe, Odacite, LATHER, HotBox Sauna Studio, The Detox Market, RA salon, Lotus Moon Skincare, Plain Jane Beauty and more. We left empowered, invigorated, and reminded once again that when women come together to share and support and listen to one another, nothing short of magic happens.

L’Agent Goodies…