Art Crush: Petecia Le Fawnhawk’s Modern Desert Magic

It’s simple to see why we are crushing on Petecia Le Fawnhawk and her modern desert magic. Her creations marry the simple with the fantastical in an elegant ceremony, both dream inducing and incredibly grounding at the same time. How does one body of work set the imagination on fire in so many ways? How does it make one want to lie down and face south?

How is the desert so unforgivingly hot during the day, only to turn dark and impossibly cold in the night? How does inspiration leak into creation, and how does one ever begin anything? How does something like this come into being, and where does one go when they want to feel centered?

All of this and more with Le Fawn Hawk and her futuristic kaleidoscope of images below. Do yourself a favor and get lost in the magic of her mind for a little while.

on the desert

“It’s where I was raised, where I became a woman, where I discovered myself as an artist. The desert is my teacher, my temple, my home. I am drawn in by its vastness, its silent power, its divine beauty. It is not for the faint-hearted. You have to really want to be there and create there against the harsh elements to discover the moments rich in magic.”

on process

“My process is an intuitive one rather than strategic or repetitious.  That is why I work with various mediums…I work without limitations, fluid in the act of creation realizing itself through me.”

on fixation

“I’m interested in the environmentalism and land arts movement of the American Southwest, as well as the light and space movement.  I am also delving deeper into philosophy and ancient texts and go to the Philosophical Research Center as much as I can for their talks and seminars.”

on beginnings

“It can begin with a quote from a book, sitting in a landscape, driving through the desert, listening to music and watching the pictures pass through my mind’s eye.  The intuitive voice then meets with my creative impulse to manifest the vision that calls to be created in the moment.”

on connecting

“Sitting with the endless landscapes of the remaining wilderness…or sitting with myself, peering into the depths of my inner infinity and gazing to the farthest reaches of the cosmos that my mind’s eye can travel.”

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