In the Land of Milk and Honey: Endless Summer in Pennyland’s Debut Collection

Labor Day has come and gone, tan lines are faint memories lingering on our skin, and we’ve drank enough spritzes to fill a swimming pool, but we’re not quite ready to let summer slip through our fingers. We’re still wringing what we can out of the golden season of stone fruit and sun-warmed skin, emulating what the Italians call “la dolce far niente.” The sweetness of doing nothing. When your days stretch out in front of you like a shimmering mirage, slow and soft and sun-drenched, filled with ripe cherries and card games and cat naps by the pool. Hot days blurring into even hotter nights, when it feels like an adventure is waiting around every corner, the warm breeze convincing you to stay out just a little bit later. That’s the mood we’re trying to manifest all year long. Lucky for us, Pennyland, a luxe swimwear label fresh out of Australia, recently dropped their debut collection, and it’s more than enough to satisfy our craving for endless summer.

We’re lusting shamelessly over their latest lookbook, which embodies the idyllic simplicity and sensuality of the summer season, transporting us somewhere between old school Hollywood and the Italian Riviera, featuring the lovely Maelys Garouis lounging poolside on a summer day so dreamy there’s no doubt we’ll be revisiting it the minute the temperatures start to dip.

Shot by our forever favorite Ali Mitton, who has an eye for dream scenes that feel simultaneously candid and cinematic, these images perfectly showcase a collection that is flattering and feminine without being fussy, infusing classic styles and curve-hugging shapes with sleek and cheeky touches of contemporary coolness. Serving timeless glamour through the golden-hued lens of a carefree California summer, this effortlessly irresistible collection of bikinis (with endless options to mix and match) embraces the female form in all its natural beauty, reminding us that what we love most about the sweetest season is how good it makes us feel. Still hearing that siren song of summer? We don’t blame you. Dive into the collection here.

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