The Video Premiere of “All The Boys” from Pearl Charles is All About The Girls

On the best of days, I’m dancing in a breezy apartment in my underwear and drinking an Aperol spritz in the middle of the day. And on those days I’m also listening to something that allows me to slip in and out of moods like outfits I leave on the floor. Pearl Charles‘ debut album, Sleepless Dreamer, which dropped earlier this year, has become a soundtrack to a multi-faceted life. It’s the sort of collection that you can listen to unwind, rewind, or wind up. It swings wildly between “come home and take it easy” or “put it on and head out.” It has more sides, sounds, and moods to it than one can count. It’s nothing but lovely and talent and play it one more time.

The release of the All The Boys music video feels aptly timed with the release of a new leg of tour dates that take the country-tinged pop singer-songwriter bounding down the West Coast through the fall. She’s been on the road all year promoting the album, popping up everywhere we’d expect and a million places we didn’t. All The Boys is dreamy and pastel-painted and filled with Victorian outfits we’re longing to both try on and take off. Pearl may be singing about all the boys, but it only takes one quick watch to know this video is all about female energy. There is a certain camaraderie in dressing up and talking about boys that harkens back to hazy high school days, proving there is nothing as timeless as moments like this.

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