Rebel Rebel: The Order’s AW18 Collection is a Dark and Delightful Antidote to Conformity

There is something powerful beyond measure about a jet-black ensemble, and it goes without saying that Nicole Marét, the designer behind the the lust-worthy line The Order, knows how to wield that power for good. Softly straddling the lines between conceptual and wearable and edgy and feminine, The Order has been turning out dark delights that are refreshingly and thrillingly unbound by trends, seasons, and styles since 2011.

Defiantly rebellious and undeniably compelling, the line serves up unexpected silhouettes in a variety of sumptuous and texture-rich materials, from buttery suede to slippery vinyl to soft silk, all cast in a chromatic all-black color scheme. Think lingerie colliding boldly with athleisure, think clothing that has a mind of its own, that doesn’t follow the rules or care about what’s trendy, think clothing as wearable works of art. Their AW18 collection, Antidote, finds them playfully reveling in this sense of resistance, with sleek and structural shapes that nod to the tense relationship between conformity and rebellion, evoking a dark elegance that is at once instinctual and vulnerable, that celebrates femininity in all its sheer softness and strength.

Punctuated by gunmetal safety pins and hand embroidered leather, these pieces exude a gritty rock and roll energy with an intimate undercurrent, consciously redefining how we decide what constitutes everyday wear, reminding us that you can be both provocative and delicate at the same time. The collection as a whole acts as a striking and ageless antidote to the common trend and the cyclical fashion cycle.

The most shocking part? Although they still embrace an all-black-everything attitude (and we’re not mad at that), the collection marks the brand’s first inclusion of a color other than black, with three pieces in the most surprising color of all – white. We’ll take it as a reminder that sometimes you need to immerse yourself in the darkness in order to see the light. The lovely ladies at The Order gave us exclusive access to their badass new collection, which drops in late September. Immerse yourself in our favorites below, and keep up with their new releases here.

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