To the Moon: On the Road with BABOON, the Adventure Brand Capturing the Free Spirit of the Slash Generation

Welcome to the slash generation. Fueled by big dreams and endless side hustles, more and more creative people are pursuing multiple jobs, whether to pay the bills or stitch together their unique dream career. The slash generation is seeking more out of life than a conventional 9-5 job offers, constantly craving new experiences and changing horizons. They are thrill seekers and risk takers who adapt and shape-shift with ease, seeking the freedom to explore a wide variety of creative whims, wherever it may end up taking them. Endlessly inspired and constantly connected, the slash generation is redefining the concept of careers, and their always-on-the-move mindset is changing the way we travel. We stay in strangers houses and freelance from any city around the world with a Wifi connection. We go places more easily and often, and that’s where BABOON comes in.

This freshly launched adventure brand makes versatile and technical products with a tongue in cheek streak that can keep up with the slash generation, no matter where your next gig takes you. Founded by creative dream team Andy Person, Trey Sisson, and Michael Kushner, we’re enamored with BABOON’s debut product, the Go-Bag, a duffle which comes in a rainbow of vivid hues and is the ideal travel companion for work and/or play. Available in small and big sizes, this spacious weekender bag is as adaptable and as multi-tasking as you are: use it as a backpack or a duffle bag (whatever the adventure calls for), and rest easy knowing your camera, computer, and other electronic equipment are all safe and sound in their internal tech pockets.

Striking the ideal balance between stylish and sturdy, the waterproof and sand-resistant Go-Bag is designed to go places: weird places, fun places, unexpected places. Stuff it in an overhead bin, toss it around on the beach, or drag it through the desert for a photoshoot – it can handle the elements (if you don’t believe us, they offer a lifetime warranty). With artist print collaborations adding a playful touch of aesthetic appeal to the bag’s interior, BABOON’s sleek launch is redesigning the way we travel so it matches the way we work, arming us with products that are just as fresh as they are functional, that will have your back no matter what is on your busy agenda, that inspire you to get out there and create something. Rooted in a deep understanding of the lifestyle and respect for the hustle, BABOON honors the adventure of the everyday, reminding us to keep dreaming, keep grinding, and most importantly, keep moving.

We live and breathe the creative hustle, and since we know a little something about always being on the grind, we were beyond stoked to team up with BABOON to help produce their debut lookbook. In search of unfiltered inspiration, we took off on a weeklong road trip with some of our favorite creatives to put the Go-Bag to the test and soak up all the strange magic and mystery California has to offer. Following our instincts and embracing the twists and turns that came our way, we traveled from the craggy cliffs of El Matador to the scorching fever dream of Joshua Tree, taking a brief pit stop to get our groove on at the sunny 70’s haven known as The Valley Capri.

Shot by the always unconventional Blaise Cepis, whose refreshing fondness for saturated light and unexpected shapes permeate the cinematic and color-drenched images, these image cut to the raw and experimental essence of our trip, weaving a surreal and striking narrative that leaves you hungry for more. Playfully capturing the free spirited energy and adrenaline-fueled adventures of the side-hustle-heavy slash generation, while highlighting a variety of uses for the product we guarantee will become your new go-to, this otherworldly lookbook evokes an inspirational and spontaneous vibe: it’s down for whatever and ready to get weird, much like the Go-Bag itself.

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