Art Crush: CYRCLE. Transforms a Parking Garage into a Creative Playground

CYRCLE., the LA-based collective made up of street artists David Leavitt and David Torres, is always cooking up something cool. Their latest installation, “Present Futurism: Space is Everything,” continues the dynamic duo’s insatiable investigation of the in-between, exploring the intersection of reality and the imaginary and art and the everyday life.

Taking over an underground parking garage in downtown Montréal, the two story space is transformed into a larger than life art installation, a colorful “in-between universe” covered floor to ceiling in abstract images, neon typography, and vivid color-blocked murals. The effect is not unlike an amusement park of street art, and the murals swirl and blur tipsily into one another as you move through the space. Equal parts interactive and immersive, the sheer expansiveness of the installation evokes a visceral sensory reaction, blurring our perception of space and infusing a powerful sense of wonder into a the kind of unremarkable spaces we find ourselves in everyday. Much of the artwork centers on dynamic depictions of space exploration, and the installation as a whole functions as a window into another dimension hiding in plain sight.

CYRCLE.’s work has always focused on unraveling the strange and layered dualities of our existence through form, typography and color, and this installation fans the flames of that fascination, touching on themes of “life, the universe, and the human condition” in their bold and balanced signature style. It’s a powerful dose of perspective and imagination run amuck that jars us out of the stupor of everyday life, capturing the invigorating and visceral energy of their manifesto:

We left our families, We abandoned our homes, We worked for nothing, We slept on floors, We partied hard, We lost our minds, We danced with the devil, We faced our fears, We swallowed our pride, We gave our hearts, We tried and failed, We followed our dreams, We are CYRCLE., We never die!

“Present Futurism: Space is Everything” was conceptualized by CYRCLE. and produced by LNDMRK. Check it out for yourself at Lune Rouge (2200 Stanley St. Montréal, QC H3A 1R6, Canada).

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