Lookbook Lust: Chapéu Beachwear by Mari Caldas

There’s just something about the summertime that makes us want to shrug off all our responsibilities in favor of slow afternoons and a steady diet of ripe citrus. The sun shines year-round in Los Angeles, but summer’s magic is more multi-faceted that that: it’s the hazy light and the whisper of a breeze, a childlike mischievousness mixed with a mellowed out contentment. It’s afternoons spent lazy and lounging and laughing about nothing, grass tickling the backs of your sun-warmed legs, as the hours melt away like drips from a popsicle. It’s a permanent flush in your cheeks and forgetting to check your phone for hours. It’s swaying palm trees and Jacarandas drenching the sidewalk in lavender blossoms. It’s napping in the shade, limbs intertwined and muscles relaxed, as the heat of the afternoon exhales all around you. It’s the simple white bikini that you find yourself slipping on everyday, the one that clings your body like it was made just for you. It’s a sleek black one piece that feels anything but basic. Summer inspires you to strip your life down to the simple pleasures: to eat lightly, to sleep soundly, to wear only what feels easy and effortless and chic.

The new lookbook from Brazilian swimwear line Chapéu Beachwear embodies the ease and freedom of summer in a way that feels like our midweek daydream come to life. Shot by Mari Caldas and featuring natural beauties Jennyfer Helenn and Aline Carvalho passing a sun-soaked summer day in paradise, we can’t help but savor this sweet sliver of summer’s magic.

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