Scent of a Woman: Marta Pozzan x FLOWER by KENZO

As a teenager living in Italy, Marta Pozzan bought her first bottle of  FLOWER by KENZO when the iconic fragrance made its debut in 2000. Fast-forward eighteen years and she’s striding along the Croisette in a billowing evening gown, wearing a sleek bleached blonde ponytail and a dark cherry lip. Turning heads and making deals like the true fashion power player that she’s become, Marta looks nothing like the high school girl who coveted the skyscraper-shaped bottle that evoked dreams of freedom and big cities.

She is a chameleon, ebbing and flowing like the seasons and the tides. There’s only one constant: a sensual scent of poppy in her trail, topped with warm notes of violet, vanilla, and rose. A true KENZO girl with a heart of gold, it’s no surprise she was cast to star in the brand’s latest short film, FOR A BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Dive in below for Marta’s thoughts on her signature scent.

“I love the way Humberto and Carol play with art and film in their shorts, performances and installations. When I think of KENZO, I think of freedom, creativity and joie de vivre.”



LF: What is your signature scent?

Marta Pozzan: Flower by KENZO, of course! I remember buying my first bottle when I was 16 and buying it a couple more times during my college years. It was that one thing I would do before going out to feel comfortable and confident. It’s crazy how you feel like you’re missing something when you are not wearing your favorite scent.

LF: Describe the first memory that comes to mind when you smell your perfume.

MP: I guess the first time I felt more like a ‘woman,’ sort of peaceful and happy at the same time. Flower by KENZO has a very sweet and round smell to it that was comforting for me.

LF: Finish this sentence: My scent is…

MP: Full of colors!

LF: I could never wear a scent that feels…

MP: Too musky, fruity or too potent in general.

LF: Your chief scent characteristic is:

MP: Strong yet fragile, with a hint of vanilla. A fragrance recognizable among all others, unexpected and unique as ever, even eighteen years later!

LF: How do you define masculinity? Femininity?

MP: Funny you ask! I’ve been struggling for the longest time with this whole thing. I always felt more masculine as a kid. I remember always wanting to wear pants and looking at the other girls in skirts and dresses at school and thinking, ‘What does it feel like to be a girl?’ I felt a lot more like a guy at the time. It was only later on I started realizing that feeling feminine is ok and that I should actually embrace my femininity. To me, masculinity meant freedom, like a key to the door of ‘men can do whatever they want.’ It always felt very unfair to me. But now I see the positive aspects of being a girl and being able to feel empowered and ‘right’ in my female body. Complex subject!

LF: If you hadn’t already identified your signature scent, what would it be?

MP: Iconic, long-lasting, unique.

LF: Has someone else’s signature scent impacted you? How so?

MP: My aunt’s. She’s changed it throughout the years but there was always something that felt like home to me when I smelled her clothes. And she is my mentor and mother figure.

LF: What do you appreciate most in your scent?

MP: I love that it’s timeless and has accompanied me through the years; it brings back old memories and yet allows me to make so many new ones.


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