“French Peach” by Justin Wilczynski

The simple beauty of a stone fruit, both hard and soft at the same time. Sometimes a glance from across the room, drenched in quiet longing, says more than words ever could. These are the soft moments that feel like stills from a French silent film, heavy with layers of unspoken emotion. These are the moments you wish you could preserve in liquid amber, the moments you end up carrying with you, that bury themselves deep in your memory. Years later, you remember the way the sunlight spilled across the hardwood floor, the shadows that danced across the room, the slight smile you couldn’t seem to keep off your lips. You remember when life was as sweet and simple as stone fruit and fading afternoon light.

Top / Vintage Anne Taylor Jacket / Vintage Arenzano by Gary Stuart Earrings / Model’s Own

This dreamy editorial from photographer Justin Wilczynski features the stunning Karli Durden basking in life’s simple pleasures. Styled impeccably by Pierrette Noel Abeg in looks that move freely between masculine and feminine energy and range from Oscar de la Renta to Forever 21, Durden embodies the glow of a starlet off duty – her hair pulled back, her face fresh, a playful smile pulling at her petal-pink lips. Her timeless beauty and tranquil energy transform any outfit into a statement, but what keeps you transfixed is her eyes: warm turquoise flecked with honey, defiant and amused at the same time, like she knows something that you don’t. Both hard and soft at the same time, the kind of look that sears into your mind long after the moment has passed.

Top / Club Monaco Jacket / Vintage Evan-Picone Earrings / Forever 21

Dress / Vintage Casi Earrings / Forever 21

Jacket / Oscar de la Renta Pants / Vintage Gantos Earrings / Forever 21

Top / Vintage Anne Taylor Jacket / Vintage Arenzano by Gary Stuart Pants / Gucci Belt / Vintage Leather + Brass Belt Shoe / Vintage Western Ankle Boots Earrings / Model’s Own

Dress / Vintage Casi Belt / Vintage Janie Fricke Collection by Circle Y Shoe / Vintage Life Stride Boots Earrings / Forever 21

Dress / Vintage Alfred Werber Earrings / Forever 21

Top / Vintage Chung Yip Pants / Vintage Silk Trousers Earrings / Forever 21

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