“Easy like a Summer Sunday” by Cara Friedman

Summertime in Los Angeles, with its relentlessly dry heat and blessing of a breeze, practically begs you to bare some skin, and it’s made all the more powerful when it’s done unexpectedly, with the same carefree ease as the golden light the city is drenched in all season long. Think a winking hint of clavicle, or a flash of freckled shoulder loosening up a structured outfit. Think loose linen swaying softly against tan skin, or an power suit in a kaleidoscope of lush oceanic blues. Think of the way the summer makes everything turn warm and hazy, the way the lazy mid-afternoon heat makes you feel like you’re dreaming.

The latest editorial from Cara Friedman features the ethereal Judy Sabin (i.e. the only person in the world who can beautifully pull off a bowl cut) moving like liquid gold through sun-dappled corners of the city in a slew of monochrome outfits that fall off her slight frame in a way that embodies the effortless sensuality of our favorite season. Adorned with a perpetual pout, there is a softness to the way she moves in these oversized shapes, a daydreamy feeling of a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do and nowhere to go. A gentle reminder of the loveliness of coming a little undone, this luminous editorial ushers in the slow sweetness of a summer that’s so close we can almost taste it.

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