BLACKPAW’s Music Video for “Defenseless” Will Make You Dance, Dance, Dance

“Defenseless,” BLACKPAW’s latest release, captures the feeling of dancing with abandon while everyone, or no one, is watching. Synth-pop feel good vibrations are delivered with well-crafted and moody lyrics, a smooth bedroom voice, and a ton of heart. It will make you dance no matter where you’re at, and will make you feel like you’re living on the edge of the frame a little more.

The solo project of artist Adrian Rodriguez has major a-ha vibes in the best of ways. Whether you’re dancing until the sun comes up in a club full of people or driving around alone in your car, you reap the mood of the track.

The music video, directed by Mitchell deQuilettes and featuring Mani Yarosh and Quincy Banks, was shot in Los Angeles and borrows theatrics from classic cinema. It boils down an entire narrative into a compact few minutes, giving us an intimate social commentary on dating in LA. I’m crazy for the storytelling devices used here and the mesmerizing casting. The subtitles are an intentional nod toward French New Wave films. I could watch the energy ping back and forth between these two all night long.

Adrian Rodriguez // BLACKPAW by Mitchell deQuilettes

In an interview with Noisey last fall, when the song was released, Rodriguez said: “‘Defenseless’ is the inner monologue to the idea of letting yourself feel something no matter what the outcome, good or bad. It’s about having your preconceived notions and having your guard up. Once you let it all go and get lost in it, you’re truly able to experience the moments that become memories. I think it’s important to cherish as well as let go. No matter how good it feels, or how much it hurts. These energies build us.”

The video release will be followed by two more singles and a much anticipated EP this summer. If you can’t wait to get your groove on, catch Blackpaw live on June 15th at Moroccan Lounge with Harley Cortez, June 16th at the Supergloom Fest in Long Beach, CA or on June 29 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA.

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