Art Crush: Nick Prideaux’s Dreamy Visual Diary

Australia-born, Bangkok-based photographer Nick Prideaux captures moments. Quiet moments, fleeting moments, moments steeped in soft light and sensual shadows. His documentarian-style film photography feels spontaneous and wide-eyed, full of mood and motion, like he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He documents the sprawling minutiae of life – plants, sunsets, showers, shadows, amber-hued beer – with a dreamy reverence and poetic eye for detail, honing in on the understated beauty of the everyday. His photos tell some small truthful sliver of a story left untold, just enough to leave you wanting more. Under his watchful eye, the mundane feels moving, like a hushed whisper that startles you into remembering how lucky we are to be alive in this beautiful and broken world.

Want more? Immerse yourself in his visual diary here.

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