THRILLS “True Romance” by Jason Lee Parry [GIVEAWAY]

Two lovers, one getaway, and the open road. The latest from THRILLS, “True Romance,” is an epic tale starring real life couple Ashley Smith and Braydon Szafranski. Jason Lee Parry captures them as they road trip from dawn to dusk while wearing denim and key styles they personalized themselves.

This latest campaign encapsulates THRILLS in all its raw and uninhibited glory. Destroyed and dirty denim, bold colors and fabrics, starting with an adventure and ending with a night set aflame – there is nothing tamable here.

Like what you see? Try your luck – you might just win a year’s supply of THRILLS denim.

Entering to win is super easy – follow the below steps:

1. Head to @thrillsco on Instagram

2. Follow the page and find the campaign photo on the Instagram

3. Tag a mate!

That’s it. For every friend you tag, THRILLS will add another entry into the competition, so get to tagging!

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