On A Roll: A Few Days in the Dominican Republic

This roll comes from a quick trip I took to the Dominican Republic with Waves for Wate. We spent of those days looking for early morning waves, eating smoothie bowls, making conversation with locals to find out where we could best be of help, traveling to implement water filters and give people access to clean drinking water, and then drinking beers. It was a trip that I keep on talking about because it shifted the way in which I travel. Becoming a W4W Courier is the single best thing I’ve done this year so far.

While on this trip, I was obsessed with the colors and textures of the island. I was dwarfed and swarmed and gushing over the lush beauty. And I had this intense feeling of deja vu, like I’d been here before or I’d just been looking for it my entire life. Below are my favorite images and some travel notes from my time there. The light leak in my camera appeared much more severe because of the humidity, and it feels right. This is exactly what I fell in love with.

We drive for short stretches of time and I am always glued to the window. If everywhere I go I feel I have been before, then what is this something I have never felt, and all at once, like it has been living inside of me my entire life.

I can see in myself and others the places in which we are doing our growing, how the vines can snake and split us open. I am taken by the way teenagers are in every part of the world. How fully themselves they are, so adaptive, so bright, so eager for love no matter the location. I wonder if it is all anyone has ever wanted, to fall so madly in love they might never come out of it.

So much of this place has a feeling to me, a vacation someone forgot to take, a resort fallen to the wayside. A drink left out and the ice gone to melt. I can see how easy it would be to have an idea, and see it almost to completion. The green here is stronger than everything else and eats back the structures, the vines snaking through empty rooms and balconies and spaces where the windows were never set.

Everything is half finished. And I appreciate this. It makes me feel more at home with myself,  everything is always half finished.

L’Agent Goodies…