Success, Hardship, and Everything In Between: Introducing Journal, a Transparent Digital Publication

To be a young person today is to be confronted with the allure of abundant success. I found myself exploring this theory over dinner the other evening. My generation – millennial generation – is the first to recognize that success can be attained in a myriad of nontraditional trajectories. From skipping college to starting a blog to developing a social networking app – anything is possible and the stakes are higher than ever.

With this possibility of success dangling like a carrot in front of our faces comes the need to also challenge what success looks like. How do you overcome the hardships associated with being self-made? What does success look like as a mother? Success as an activist? How do we define success in more ways than one?

Enter Journal. The brainchild of Tasnim Ahmed and Maya Aguayo Schmidt-FengJournal works to tell empowering stories that honor both challenges and success. An honest approach to storytelling, a hub to discover dynamic voices, and a breath of fresh air to the digital publication world.

With two differing perspectives pouring love into the platform (an Aries from Dhaka, Bangladesh and a Libra from Berkeley, California, no less!), Journal feels like a cozy place to stay for awhile as soon as you enter the site, thanks to their read/see/do section that curates your best week ever and their conversations with a myriad of women – including yours trulyHead over to the site here and follow them on Instagram here.

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