Relaxation as an Art Form: A Day of Self-Care in the City of Angels

Los Angeles is known as many things… A city where dreams are made, the hustle is real, traffic never ends, and any given day could end up being the best day of your life. All of these factors can make any Los Angeleno need to take a break. Our team at Live FAST is certainly no exception, so we took it upon ourselves to tour our city in search of the most luxurious experiences, all in the name of self-care. We were chauffeured, fed glorious Italian food, and pampered beyond belief. Take a peek into our suggested itinerary below!

10:00am – Get Swoop’d

The epitome of relaxation is not having to brave West Hollywood traffic. To be chauffeured from one pleasurable activity to the next is heavenly, especially when there is water, snacks, music, and incredibly cushy seats to make cruising through traffic even better. Swoop is basically like the grown-up version of a party bus – sort of like if a limousine met a turnt up party bus. Our ride was named Brad Pitt, our driver was a sweetheart, and our transportation was a cinch!

12:00pm – Swing by the & Other Stories Atelier

Retail therapy is real therapy. The & Other Stories Los Angeles Atelier is the perfect place to enter when you are craving to become the most polished version of you. The Atelier isn’t open to the public – it operates as their showroom and corporate workplace, but it is reflective of the elevated vibe present in each of the & Other Stories boutique locations. Shop now.

2:00pm – Pasta, Vino, and Espresso at Jon & Vinny’s

Have you ever dreamed about a meal you’ve had? Have you ever lusted to relive the feeling of the first bite? Well, if you haven’t experienced this, you definitely will after dining at Jon & Vinny’s. The food is indisputably some of the best in LA. The pizza has fluffy crust with just the right amount of crunch, the pasta tastes like the first meal that would greet you at heaven’s gates, the wine (curated by helen’s wines) is eclectic and rich. If you are feeling truly indulgent, be sure to cap off your meal with a cannoli and an espresso.

4:00pm – NextHealth

Cryotherapy, B12 shots, IV drips – basically anything you need when your immune system is run-down (or you’ve overindulged in one of your various vices) is available at NextHealth. The team there takes hospitality to the next level. You tell them your woes and they will suggest services. The guesswork is taken out and you’re left to sit back and relax. Get in touch with them here.

6:00pm – Pampering Galore with Adina Diaz of Natural Feeling Spa

A big part of Los Angeles-living is skincare. Hear me out – it isn’t because of the city’s supposed obsession with youth – it is because the smog can do a number on your skin if you aren’t dedicated to a proper skincare routine. Because there are plenty of chemicals swirling in the air, all natural solutions are a superb option. Adina Diaz of Natural Feeling Spa is truly gifted in this arena – she takes a holistic approach to skincare but certainly doesn’t skimp on the results and uses next level technology like the LightStim device to amp up your skin’s appearance. Best of all? It is incredibly relaxing. You’ll look glowing and feel as if you’ve truly reached nirvana. Book an appointment here.

And thus, a day of self-care perfection has concluded! We believe that balance is key when it comes to proper rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. What is your ideal self-care day? Sound off in the comments!

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