Beauty for All: Introducing Suit Beauty, A Makeup Line Redefining the In-Between

The dream: A line of beauty products that highlight your natural features, lip stains that don’t budge nor dry out your pout, and hydrating lip tints that enhance and nourish. The dream has become reality with the introduction of Suit Beauty.

Founded by makeup artist Gabbi Pascua, Suit aims to empower and embrace all, regardless of gender or race. Making lip colors that are magnificently universal and beauty products that soothe, Suit is simple yet elevated, the kind of products you will swear by immediately upon integrating into your makeup bag.

Best of all, Suit has a conscience. At the core of the brand is a philanthropic business model that is often rare to find in the beauty business – for every travel kit of Suit products sold, a hygiene kit will be given to foster teens and young adults in transitional homes and emergency shelters.

Ready to follow Suit? Same. For our Bay Area readers, swing by the Makeup Show this weekend to purchase some goods IRL. Everyone else, hit the website for preorders!

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