Pack Your Bags: The FAST Guide to an L.A. Girls’ Self-Care Trip Outside of the City

As the year enters full swing, I hope you feel empowered and have that “I’m worth it” moment.  In preparation for the all that lies ahead in 2018, it would be worthwhile to take a weekend to unwind and take special care of yourself. It’s time to start planning a girl’s trip.

Ojai Valley is about two and half hours north of Los Angeles by car. With a population of under 10,000 people, the tiny city is only 15 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean within the Topa Topa Mountains. Home to primarily artists, musicians, and health enthusiasts, Ojai has a city law prohibiting chains (aside from a few gas stations) to encourage small business growth and development. So there are plenty of galleries and shops to explore.

You should definitely stay at the Ojai Valley Inn. It’s practically like its own village within Ojai with eight restaurants, three pools, a spa and incredible views – convenient and relaxing for your girl’s trip. And since this is for self-care and luxury, you should totally put you and your girls’ into Buick’s new Enclave. I know Buick may not seem like it be your first pick, but the space, dual moonroofs, Apple Carplay, Android Auto (for your green-texting friends), and the necessary wifi are so worth it.

First and foremost, take your time getting out to Ojai. If there’s traffic, there’s traffic. May we recommend our playlists for your road trip enjoyment?

Once you arrive and valet your car, you’ll be driven to your weekend residence in an extended golf cart. Draw yourself a bath and settle in. The bathrooms are amazing. Remember, you’re worth it.

After your fingertips look like prunes and you’ve taken the time to fully moisturize and lay around in your robe, get on your finest wine country looks and head to dinner on the resort at Olivella. Let them recommend the wine for your meal.

It’s so fantastically quiet you’ll get plenty of sleep before heading to an early hike at the Ojai Preserves followed up with a visit to Meditation Mount. Do yourself a favor and disconnect after you snap a few pics of the breathtaking setting. Take advantage of airplane mode.

If it’s warm enough, take some time poolside. If not, on East Ojai Road there’s a couple blocks of really cute vintage and thrifts shops to stop by on your way back to the Inn from Meditation Mountain, but you can still leave time for the outdoor jacuzzi in any weather.

I’d recommend leaving the resort for dinner for one night and heading to Azu, one of the longest standing restaurants in town. They’re dedicated to locally sourcing their ingredients for California-style tapas and in the making of their wines and beers.

Most importantly, leave all Sunday morning and afternoon for the spa. Ojai Valley Inn’s spa is considered a “Freedom Zone,” free from cell phones, pets, smoking and disquieting behavior. With individual services, group offers, and mind and body programming, you should have no problem unwinding before your return drive home to L.A.

Don’t forget to throw on another episode of Live FAST’s Soft Serve for the return trip!

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