Juliann McCandless’ Latest Book “Opposition” is a Celebration of Intersectionality in the Trump Era

To be a feminist today means more than believing in equal rights for men and women. It is to believe in equal rights for all, seeing past society’s barriers based on race, gender, and class. It is to be intersectional, because the concept of freedom and equality in the Trump era is much larger than simply man or woman. Creative Juliann McCandless explores the concept of liberation in her latest project, OppositionFocusing on diverse women and femmes within the fashion and visual art industries, the book highlights issue-oriented conversations in the months leading up to and during Donald Trump’s presidency.

In McCandless’ own words, “the goal of these conversations is to not only document these women’s goals, fears, hopes, political opinions, and activism at this critical time in history, but also to spark a conversation that promotes critical thinking while encouraging readers to hold their politicians accountable and fight for the changes the wish to see in their own communities.”

Support creatives who are campaigning for a better future. Purchase Opposition here.

For LA-based folks, head to Girl at the White Horse tonight for the Opposition book launch party. It begins at 10pm and the first 50 people who arrive will receive a free book and gift bag courtesy of DC shoes. 

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