Art Crush: Graham Sicalowski Reminds Us to Spend More Time Kissing

They say a good kiss, a real kiss, releases the same chemicals in your brain as jumping out of a plane – that your brain will never truly forget it, it will be a deep impression somewhere in there of that bedroom, that street corner, that sleeping bag. It is communication at its finest, a chemical cocktail of feel-goods and an impulse that lives at the very core of our being. If I could give you any advice, it would be to spend more time kissing.

Graham Sicalowski’s new #lovemore series showcases these feel-goods, touching us in places that feel as primal as the art of kissing itself.

Graham Sicalowski’s debut art show is this Friday night in Venice and we’re feeling that love and getting in the mood for a good night. As an artist and film photographer, his show will be celebrating the reach of his talent, focusing solely on pieces from his @momloveart series.

Graham found himself experimenting with different mediums of art during his breaks at a previous job as a content creator. While in the early phases of experimentation, he had an experience where he saw a gorgeous older woman at Whole Foods. Thus was born Brie, a character who was on the search for a woman who fit the “Whole Foods Yoga Mom” vibe. And with the invention of Brie came the invention of Momloveart.

The show is an open door, come one, come all invite with free booze and lots of hugs. Our particularly favorite aspect is that he has decided to price some of the art between $0-$60, with one key rule: If you pick up the art off the wall, you’ve agreed to pay for it no matter the price on the back. Wildly affordable and super fun, there are a few surprise gifts from sponsors (think Lucky Bastard Co, Barney Cools, Los Sundays Tequila, Pigsty Studio, and Bev) tied in too. Good times for all. RSVP here.

We’ll see you this Friday, March 2nd at 660 Rose Ave, Venice CA 90291 from 6pm to 10 pm.

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