A Guide to Falling in Love with Vienna: A Rendezvous at Hotel am Brillantengrund (Part I)

I wanted something small, something privately owned, something with character that would feel both homey and distinct. I was flying to Vienna to rendezvous with my man who was in the midst of a three month round-the-world working stint. To be honest it was a totally random choice, I found a direct flight for pretty darn cheap and there was a library in the city I’ve had my eye on for years (keep an eye out for the upcoming sequal to this post), so I went. I stumbled across Hotel am Brillantengrund on the gram and fell instantly in love. There was something about this quaint and quirky little spot that spoke to me.

The Space.

Let me tell you quickly that I was delighted moment by moment as I was here. The 34 room boutique hotel is expertly decorated, each room unique and filled with vintage furnishing harkening to the 50’s. It’s eclectically chic, the sort of thing that only works because someone here has insanely good taste. Owner Marvin Mangalino is a delightful human who I owe all my thanks to for my stay and my delicious time in the city. He was always pointing us in the right direction… And I really didn’t need to go far.

The Neighborhood.

Breillantengrund was the ideal hub because it’s located in Vienna’s 7th district a less trafficked more local area, filled with artists, small bars, and amazing food. You can throw a stone and hit a good drink or a thoughtful storefront, someone is making something every where you turn, and its all on point. Simply wander out the front door and pick a direction and you will not be disappointed. It’s sit outside mellow, not touristy busy, and it has the old Europe architecture flair to the streets that make you feel good on the inside. Plus, you’re still walking distance to all the famed spots and museums and attractions.

The Restaurant.

I like to hangout where I stay, and more so I like to stay places where I also like to hang out. And this so much the case at Brillantengrund. I spent an afternoon working in the courtyard, then went upstairs to get dressed, only to spend an evening eating dinner and playing cards in their restaurant. Funny thing is I meant to leave, but the smells coming from the kitchen literally lured me back like the pied piper and I grabbed a table.

Brillantengrund’s restaurant is Vienna’s only Philippine specialty restaurant, and the best part is that it’s Mama Magalino is back there cooking up family secret recipes. It’s no wonder I could get out the door, the food is amaze amaze amazing. Plus, they have vegetarian and vegan options and you must try their noodles. (Picture me below trying to act like I’m not scarfing them down).

And There’s More.

Among the many things that drew me here, the Garage was a shining one. Located at the back end of their courtyard is an open room that they use for a variety of workshops, shows, classes, and gatherings. During our stay, there was a running typography workshop that blew my mind. It creates a very communal vibe of people coming and going for such an array of reasons, a synergistic creative hub for locals and travelers. They also have their own cycling team, because why not, these days you can do just about anything.

We spent our days wandering around and our afternoons in the courtyard, we sometimes ventured for dinner and we sometimes hunkered down and played cribbage all night because I had crazy jet lag. But, no matter what we were doing I felt grounded in a way I normally do not after flying around the world on a whim. Brillantengrund and their incredible staff really took me in, nourished me, and pointed me in all the right directions. To read how I spent my days outside of these walls, stay tuned for part deux.

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