Self-Care Products to Soothe Your Soul After 2017’s Tumultuous Events

If there was ever a year where I needed to become acutely aware of a self-care regimen, it was 2017. The year began bleak with the never-ending aftermath of the election haunting us and suddenly, taking extremely good care of myself became much more important. Skincare became a way of life. I decided to make peace with my period. I began in indulging in a certain perfume brand that makes me feel as if I am living out my past life as a French woman who lives entirely off of bread and espresso.

My scale for optimism has been majorly shifted, so rather than proclaim that 2018 will be the year that we all win and have access to basic human rights… I will leave you with a basic survival kit of products to use on the best and worst of days.

Dr. Roebuck’s

Okay, so I wasn’t the only one who got serious about my skincare game this year. I appreciate brands who balance natural health with scientifically proven technique. Furthermore, I began to accept that at the ripe age of 25, I should begin lightly dabbling in anti-aging routines. Okay, honestly, I read this once in a Refinery29 skin care guide and I’m not sure if I truly believe I should even give into this madness about aging anyways, but I digress.

This all being said, I had pretty close to no idea of what I was doing when I began this foray into skincare when you’re too old to rely on your youth but too young to really start sweating it. Thank god for Dr. Roebuck’s, skincare line that makes it as easy as possible, with their do-able price point and an incredible personalization system that creates a custom serum that addresses your particular skincare woes. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that their sunny Australian branding doesn’t hurt when I am trying to convince myself to feel naturally beautiful wearing nothing but serum on my face.

My personal routine? I use their Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer both morning and night – under makeup and SPF or on top of a serum. The herbal scent paired with the thick consistency that absorbs and leaves your skin with a velvety finish is nothing short of heavenly. In the morning, I use their Boost & Tighten Serum. Every other evening, I use the 2-in-1 Mask + Scrub. My skin tends to produce a tad too much oil yet can suffer from surface dryness – especially in the winter – so exfoliation is a must for me. Every evening, I use the Ultimate Hydrating Serum. My skin has felt brighter and consistently moisturized since beginning using Dr. Roebuck’s. Take a peek at their offerings here!

Le Labo

There is nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing that makes me feel like more of a grown woman than Le Labo products. My affinity for them began with the Discovery Set, which offers sample vials of all of their famous city-based fragrances. I acquainted myself with the brand by pretending I was waking up in a different city every morning. Perhaps I was in my native Los Angeles or maybe I was in NYC. It was a wonderful, delicious ritual that made me fall head over heels for the mysterious and luxurious brand.

They recently introduced body care – think face, body, and hair – making every shower feel like a spa experience. Their scrub shampoo is unique by nature while their lotions are thick, nourishing, and richly scented. I personally grew fond of their lip balm, face mask, and hand lotion. Choose your adventure here.

Cora Tampons

In the introduction to our interview with Cora Tampons founder Molly Hayward, I wrote about how choosing to switch over to an organic tampon subscription service. Not only has it given me peace of mind (god, I swear the folks at Whole Foods were used to seeing me on that one week out of the month to buy tampons and chocolate), but it also supports women in need by giving them a supply of pads. It is pretty fantastic.

Furthermore, it is just important to be mindful of what personal hygiene products you are using. This is absolutely a luxury (Cora’s subscription fees are quite reasonable, so don’t be deterred by monetary restrictions), however using organic cotton means you don’t have to worry about toxic pesticides or bleach being anywhere near your private parts. We have enough things to worry about in 2018 and pesticides in my nether regions isn’t going to be on that list. Get started with your Cora Tampons subscription today!

L’Agent Goodies…