Laura Austin’s Best of 2017

I love Laura Austin because she reminds me of a modern female Huck Finn, charting out on her own on a daily basis and riding the tide of whatever is around the next corner. It takes a lot of gusto to be the kind of person who camps alone, climbs a mountain, drives across the country. She proves time and time again that the self is the best sort of company and that we are capable of so much if we see the open road ahead of us as exactly that – an open road.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, her work makes me want to get back out there, even when I’ve just gotten back. It gives me this longing feeling for places I’ve never seen and the unsettled settling that only travel can bring you. She bottles it up and gives it back to us and we are ever so grateful that she does. One can only hope the coming year will give us even a fraction of her sweeping views and vistas.

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