Kelle Ramsey’s Best of 2017

I hope everywhere you go you see something new, something that startles you and makes you question the way the world is put together. I hope you find places and people that reconfigure your idea of what is beautiful and that you see the kind of  landscapes that might forever populate your dreams. I hope this life is made of these sorts of pieces and that you have the sort of the compass that will steer you toward them. I hope that for you.

If Kelle Ramsey’s images could talk they might say something like this. Her landscapes are moody, her palate is feminine, and the voice that laces it all together is weighted and filled with serious strength. I want to climb inside of them and see what colors I might be cast in within her scenes. There is a force of creativity brewing in this work, and I for one am eager to see what the next year brings.

L’Agent Goodies…