Ethan Gulley’s Best of 2017

I’ve spent most of this year gushing over Ethan Gulley and his consistently swoon worthy body of work. I love how he keeps on surprising me, and I swear it no one shoots an empty parking lot of an old store quite like he does. His images remind me of short stories I haven’t written yet, there is a whole life being lived in each one.

He relocated from Alabama and brought with him a whole heap of style that oozes a nostalgia for the current moment. He manages to be both romantic and inventive, travel lusty and editorial at the same time. You can get a healthy delivery of his work by ordering his newest issues of Sonder, his quarterly magazine. If we’re lucky next year will bring us a whole lot more look at from him, sunny days, fireside, treks, shenanigans and all. Keep up with him on social media here.

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