“Crushing Velvet” by Yudi Ela

When we were young there was someone who told us we could be anything we wanted to be, that our art was worth looking at, that sitting alone in a room for hours on end and writing make-believe was a credible way to spend your time. Or that it wasn’t, but we did it anyway.

We dress up and take pictures, we paint, we lie in bed and write poems on napkins, we publish the glittering bits that we make.

This series shot by photographer Yudi Ela feels like we’ve climbed inside of our ideas – when they are fresh and new and still exciting, ready for molding and colored without conscious. The layering of textures, of color palates, of limbs gives us a intricate still life to get lost in. It’s one foot in the door of reality and the rest of the body out in the space where creative magic happens.

L’Agent Goodies…