Amanda Bjorn’s Best of 2017

I swoon for Amanda Bjorn. It’s wild how the internet can make you feel close to people. I first became a admirer of her music Bjorn and The Sun, a two piece folk duo. And I wrote about them here. Because of this story, she sent me her photography work, a bevy of images that were just as stunning as her voice.

The images she sends me – a series, a story, a campaign – they feel more like an essay. They draw you in at the start and then make you think about what you know, make you turn them over in your mind, and at the end you just want to start from the beginning again. They are arresting in their color, loud in their moment, and meaningful in their messages. She’s got a lot of heart and I don’t think she could keep it from her work even if she tried.

One of my most recent fascinations with this woman is a series of photo trips she has been leading in Cuba, her now second home. Because of the reinstitution of the travel ban, it is one of the only ways for us to visit and explore what is one of the most astounding places I have ever visited. Follow this woman as she continues to make some beautiful moves.

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