We’re Barreling Toward 2018 and Blasting Folk-Pop Duo Girlyboi

It’s hot in LA today and I’m writing with the windows open and the words aren’t coming well, and I am in need of something to move me. I rifle through my email looking for something else to work on and this gorgeous, true love-esque editorial of folk-pop duo Girlyboi is waiting for me. They call themselves delusional troubadours living out the fantasy of romance, and it’s the most honest thing I’ve heard all day. And if we’re being honest, I’d never heard their music until now. I open links, I get a glass of water and I start listening – you should too.

On good days people surprise me and on the best of days they make me fall in love with them. Girlyboi has done both in a quick instant. They sing dreamy pop folk that makes me thankful the windows are open, in case someone else strolls by they too can enjoy. Some tambourine, Carly Russ’s angelic voice, echoes from Joseph Matik, more tambourine.

Their achy love anthems that make me want to dance, something I could listen to on repeat on a long drive, shading the desert more interesting colors. They’re voices blend together the way voices only do when two people are either in love or share the same DNA. I’m a believer that our relation to one another changes the way we sound together. You can hear the souls meshing, I swear it. It’s a new kind of love song, or an old kind made new again. I don’t care. I dig it.

L’Agent Goodies…