“Only In Barcelona” by Francesca McConnell

“It was in Barcelona that I felt most in love with myself. And that is to say, I loved who I was in the years I was living there. I loved how I saw myself in that city. There is bite to the romance, a cadence to the language, a languid kind of way you could pass an afternoon having a smoke in a plaza. It was during those years, more than any other time in my life, I never worried about who I was going to be, I just was.”  – On Living in Barcelona, Erin Rose Belair

This colorfully inventive editorial of Ukrainian model Anastasiia Koshelieva was shot on film in Barcelona. Traveling analog photographer Francesca McConnell uses the space of the city as a second model in these shots. Paired with the glittering sequins, the yellow tinted glasses, the look on her face, there is something disarming and very seductive in these images.

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