“Le Deuxième Sexe” by Jenny Hviding

Sometimes youth feels like a combination of faded photographs, bruised thighs, and late nights with loved ones. This story from Oslo-based artist Jenny Hviding represents the beauty of being a young woman and the camaraderie that exists in blooming friendships. A collection of eclectic women juxtaposed with old photographs from Cuba and Brazil was a creative decision that Hviding made to draw the spectator’s focus away from the geographical and focus on the female energy at hand.

Inspired by Simone de Beauvoir, a french existentialist that Hviding was reading during the time this project was created, each photo shows a different dynamic of femininity. Le Deuxième Sexe, aptly named after the Simone de Beauvoir title that translates to The Second Sex, encourages us to dive deeper into the feminine energy, to pull it apart and look at every fiber that creates the construct.

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