“Found a Reason” by Ethan Gulley

If I were not me, and you were not you, who would we be busy being? If we were not here, and we were there instead, would here still be there? We go out to the desert to find a reason, to where nothing can hedge us in. Out where there are no echoes, nothing for your voice to bounce against, out where it just doesn’t come back. You talk a lot about who you were before this, as if you’d like me to meet her someday. And I wonder if someday you’ll say the same kinds of things about being with me. Out here in the kind of sun that feels more like a feeling than quality of light. You ask me, ‘How far do you think it goes?’ And I don’t know if you mean the desert or us.

I am always a fan of photographer Ethan Gulley because his work is dreamy and tangible at the same time. It is like it gets painted with an aura of nostalgia, a longing for another time even if that time is right now. He and model Claire Walter at sun down in Joshua Tree has a “hold me here forever like you’re holding me tonight” sentiment to it. I simply cannot get enough.

To view more of Ethan’s work, read this past interview we did together, or get yourself a copy of Sonder, the 4th issue of his beautiful visual diary chalk full of the very nostalgia I speak of here.

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