“Everywhere I Go” by David Lekach

Everywhere I go, I want to get out and walk around. I want to feel earth and concrete, stale subway air and mountain wind on my face. I want to taste a place, drink it up until I’m drunk on it. I want to ride west and watch the sun inch across the empty sky. I want to have a conversation with everywhere I go. And if you want, I want you to come too.

Photographer David Lekach and model Cameron Rose boil down the most essential way to interact with a place- have fun, get out and do something you love, get dirty, go fast, take a nap, have a beer, just be there. Donning some quintessentially laid-back brands like Crap Eyewear, Levi’s, Lot Stock and Barrel, and Vans, they make having fun also look really damn good.

L’Agent Goodies…