“A Little Bit of That Kind of Love” by Filthy Mouth Creative

I’m willing to love in a way that takes me apart at the seams, leaves me bare to the elements, and subject to the tides. I believe in loving like a religion, that this motel room is our church. And on bended knee we seek some kind of getting saved. I want to love in a way that recreates me in the image of it, so that afterwards, I might never be the same.

At a motel in Vegas, couple Dani and Marlon spend the afternoon with photographer and creative creature Brooke Olimpieri of Filthy Mouth Creative. She wanted to capture them for sometime, to bottle up their love and who they are in this moment, in that special way only images can do. Dani is a model who carries an aura with her like she sauntered in from another decade and Marlon is a musician who just released a new album. You can’t help but stare at their love bouncing around that motel room. As Brooke puts it, “I think we’d all be lucky to have a little Dani and Marlon kinda love…” I’d have to agree.

L’Agent Goodies…