“Rouge” by Jennifer Bobé

Fall in Los Angeles is like an ex you’re still in love with. You anticipate their inevitable return. You even get dressed for it. Although it’s not the real thing, always a copy cat version, a replica you can’t recognize at first glance, it is something entirely its own. And although sometimes you end up drinking by yourself, there is always the consolation prize. At least you look good.

This series is shot by photographer Jennifer Bobé is filled with warm light, layered outfits, glamorous details, and Los Angeles street ways. The results leave us anxious in our seats to see more and slowly falling in love with model Natalie Ogg. In a homage to one of the best ways to celebrate fall in Los Angeles, gorgeous jackets to adorn a well-crafted outfit, Bobé reminds us we still get some of this season after all.

L’Agent Goodies…