Gone Barre Crawling: A Day of Fitness Bliss with Athletic Accessories Brand Pointe Studio

When conceptualizing events for our beloved brand partners, we always begin with dreaming up an idyllic experience. If we could go anywhere with the affiliated brand, where would we go? When posed this question for Pointe Studio in support of their Sanity not Vanity campaign, the opportunities were endless but the top choice was obvious: curate a crew of interesting personalities and hit various fitness studios across the city. Opting to round up a crew of intriguing women who we know are dedicated to health and wellness in their personal life and selecting a myriad of intriguing fitness classes, we hit the city in a party bus (I mean, we were pretty dedicated to the theme!) for a day of adventure.

Tantris Yoga. Body by Markee. SoulCycle. Trilogy Barre at Equinox. It was a very full day. Meeting up at Tantris Yoga, we mixed and mingled and shimmied ourselves into our official Barre Crawl uniforms – aka a slew of two piece sets from Year of Ours. We ducked into one of their expansive, jewel-toned heated rooms for thirty minutes of meditation. Some of us were blissed out, others (okay, me) were struggling with their wandering mind. All was forgotten each moment I brought myself back to the present moment: Relaxed, in a gorgeous studio nestled away on the edge where Beverly Hills kisses West Hollywood.

Post-meditation, we hit a nearby park for a HIIT workout with Hollywood trainer Body by Markee. Engaging in a serious of high intensity sequences using our own body weight, we got our first sweat of the day in. Markee doesn’t mess around and while the workout was short – it was intense.

I suppose I should interject a note about our party bus. Imagine a spa-like oasis meets Saturday night’s turn up and that’s how we designed our party bus interior. Art-forward cushions and fluffy throws from Society6 lined the seats, creating a homey and cute atmosphere. Scented with eucalyptus and stocked with apothecary goods from Milk Makeup, Salt & Stone, Juniper Ridge, CRUDE Personal Care, and more, it functioned as our mode of transportation and our private refresh station. We had snacks on snacks on snacks and, of course, copious amounts of LIFEWTR. One of our guest’s favorite touches was the stacks of Eka yoga mats we had merchandised in every corner of the bus, hosting a myriad of colors for everyone to choose from.

Lunch was served at sweetgreen’s pristine Hollywood location. Warm light filled every inch of the restaurant while we munched on salads and took our Care/Of vitamins. As soon as we finished eating, it was time to recharge before our evening classes.

Taking to Next Health, we stripped down to our skivvies for some cryotherapy and B12 shots. Next Health is a certain type of paradise – it is crisp, clean, and mildly clinical. Yet, it holds many different cutting-edge services – I mean, I went into a below freezing chamber and listened to Kendrick Lamar for 3 minutes and somehow walked out feeling like I was on cloud 9. How do they do that? I’m not sure, but I really urge you to go try it out for yourself.

SoulCycle, the myth, the legend, the glorious place where you cycle in the dark while doing choreography on the bike. I had forgotten how hard SoulCycle was until I was dripping sweat and tapping it back while listening to Bodak Yellow. It is a beautiful sort of pain – the kind where your legs and lungs burn but you’re having so much fun, it just starts to feel good after awhile. The Beverly Hills Studio is gorgeous and filled with the scent of citrus, elevating the experience from hard as hell to luxuriously intense.

Okay, by this time, we’re all starting to fade. It’s 6pm and we’re in our last class of the day – Equinox’s signature Trilogy Barre class. Taught by the master trainer Nicole De Anda, this class is completely unique in structure, pace, and equipment used, making it one of the most effective and enjoyable barre classes I’ve ever taken. And, since it is Equinox and all, the damp eucalyptus towels were a luxe touch that made me feel absolutely spoiled, despite the difficult choreography.

How does one end such a momentous day? With mini-massages, juice, and poke bowls. I suppose this is truly what sets Equinox apart from other health and wellness destinations. Their holistic approach to wellness really does mean that one moment, you can be lifting, tucking, and feeling the burn and then the next, you may be receiving an exquisite chair massage. We laughed over bowls from Sweetfin and sipped on Clover Juice while others took a peek in their gift bags, noting how cute Society6’s “Radical Female” tote is and ducking into the locker room to try out all the toiletries. An event that left us feeling physically exhausted but emotionally nourished, we basked in the beauty of working hard to feel good. When the clock struck 8pm, we embraced and were on our way.

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