Autumn Harvest: A Grit Girl Hike with Astrologist Natalia Benson

Tucked away in the Hollywood Hills on an October day where the temperatures reached triple digits, we gathered to connect and explore. A scenic destination, with the Hollywood sign to the left and views of the whole city to the right, we gathered in an expansive home to forage new relationships, delve into our own personal astrological profiles, snack on an autumn harvest-themed feast and, of course, find our grit and get our sweat on. After a quick stop at a picturesque home to slip into some Richer Poorer t-shirt’s and socks, we walked a few paces outside the home’s driveway to hit the trail.

The hike to the Hollywood sign is gorgeous, especially in the golden hues of late October light. We walked up the steady incline, pausing to take in the fresh air and awe-inspiring views. A mix of creatives, fitness professionals, models, influencers, designers, and an astrologer, the group dynamic made for fascinating conversation. Finding our way back down the steep incline as the sun kissed the horizon, we were all bathed in golden light, embracing the gentle warm breeze as we headed back into the home.

With salads from sweetgreen and sweet fall-inspired bites from Chef Ari Taymor of Alma, we sipped turmeric lattes and chatted with one another, sneaking away to go decorate mini pumpkins. Just as the sun dropped down and the moon began to illuminate the sky, we gathered around the moon for an astrology-minded meditation session led by Natalia Benson.

Natalia led us through one of her wonderful guided mediations before delivering an astrological report for each of the signs. Our bodies felt renewed, our minds relaxed. We were so high up in the hills that we could actually see the stars. Our guests grabbed a Herschel tote bag filled with goodies from Richer Poorer, The Hundredth Acre, Skullcandy, Parachute Home, and Salt & Stone. We exchanged numbers and embraced before leaving, promising each other we’d do it all over again once more before the year ends.

L’Agent Goodies…