“See Yourself” by Yana Olegovna Yatsuk

I see you in everything I do and I wonder if you see yourself for how radiant, how beautiful, how words like radiant and beautiful feel like they don’t do you justice. Words like that don’t even reach the planet you live on. If you were me, you might see you, and the way an afternoon looks with you in it. You might see that the best way to get by is to get really close to someone as bright as you, the best way to make it through this life is to surround yourself with a smile that strings the sun in the sky. Because you know, it’s not easy being. But, if you could see yourself, then you’d know what I know. And that makes it all the better.

A series of portraits of Brianna Falcone shot by photographer Yana Olegovna Yatsuk that are light in moodiness and weighty in their laughter. A delicious recipe.

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